1. I had the pleasure of meeting Braxton Cook yesterday at Jellowstone while he was in town recording his album with Butcher Brown! Here are some photos!  braxtoncookmusic djharrisonreeverb reggiepacemusic 

  2. #JellowFest was awesome last night!  Photos here! (Album 2)  ropeadope countbassd reggiepacemusic

  3. JellowFest was awesome last night!!!  Here are are some photos!  (Album 1 of 2)   ropeadope countbassd ohbliv

  4. Some thingies I saw on my walk today in RVA.  

  5. Though it felt too short, I am so glad I got to get down to NC and see these littles one more time before school starts!

  6. Rehearsals are under way at Jellowstone Records!  Only one week until Jellowfest! djharrisonreeverb ropeadope reggiepacemusic 

  7. Plush Dagger killed it last night at Balliceaux!  Check these dudes out! 

  8. Here are some shots of Photosynthesizers and The Big Payback last month at Hardywood Brewery in RVA! 

  9. Do you like board games?  Check out Sunday board game brunch at Balliceaux!  The 1st was today! Also, happy birthday Scotty B!

  10. Photos of people and things in Manhattan, NY, USA.