1. WRIR and The Commonwealth of Notions Presents: Volume Four- Avers Strange Matter. PHOTOS! shutupcleary

  4. Here are a few shots of  (Eau Claire) performing at Coalition Theater, RVA last night.  Safe travels, guys.  rvacomedy

  5. If you’ve missed No BS Brass! while they’re on their Canada/East Coast tour, here are some reminders of what they look like! 

  6. Here are a few shots of the @ChasOwens6 Trio last night. They are INCREDIBLE! chasowens djharrisonreeverb

  7. It’s Sarah Mullarney! Keep an eye out for
    "O.H. Crepe," her crepe & coffee cart around RVA this fall!  You can also find her slinging drinks at Balliceaux! 

  8. I saw Fear of Music the other night for the first time at the Broadberry and they are AWESOME!!  Here are some photos!

  9. Happy 4th of July. Here are some photos of the “Sassy Nation of John F. Comedy” at @rvacomedy rvacomedy zarling thenymphomancer

  10. Mighty Monde @mightymonde (Armando Munoz)